Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New site on permanent hair loss related to chemo

A group of women with permanent hair loss after chemotherapy have started a site, A Head of Our Time, to spread the word, support others with this condition, and look for a cause and remedy.  All of the women who contribute to the site—more than 40 at this point—took the drug Taxotere.  According to one of the site's creators:
We are not doctors or researchers.  We cannot tell you the best course of treatment for your cancer.  We cannot tell you what percentage of women are affected by permanent hair loss after Taxotere.  What we can tell you is this:  we have experienced permanent hair loss after using Taxotere.  We have been deeply affected by our hair loss and want to warn others.  We want people to PLEASE Ask their doctor for the facts before they or their loved ones make a decision to use Taxotere.  And PLEASE help us spread the word so women can make informed decisions about their treatment.


Love changes everything said...

Well, we have another one - me - I too have lost my hair permanently and never told of what might happen. I wouldn't have chosen different treatment because it saved my life, although I think disclosing all the possibilities should have been stated.

Carolyn Chapman said...

Me to, I had my last Taxotere chemo treatment in April 2012. I had TNBC early stages and a double mastectomy. My hair never grew back and I am to this day August 22, 2014 trying to find out how to fix this terrible side effect. Anyone out there that has succeeded after two years to grow hair back and how did you do it ???? HELP

Julie Bayless said...

I took Taxotere in 2008 and my hair never came back. I wear a wig and am thankful to be healthy.