Monday, November 2, 2020

Looking for Research Participants in the UK on Building Resilience Online to Counter Psychological Effects of Breast Cancer

Readers in the UK: Here's your chance to participate in research through King's College London on   the psychological effects of breast cancer, and how to build resilience through online participation. From the news release:

Worrying (thinking about how things might go badly in the future), is normal from time to time, but for most people this passes fairly quickly. However, some people find that once they start worrying, it is very difficult to stop. Research studies have shown that people who are particularly resilient experience less worry and low mood. In the present study, we hope to increase resilience and decrease low mood and worry in people who have had breast cancer. We also want to find out how people find doing the intervention via the web-platform.

For more information, and to see if you are eligible, check out The Frame Project.