Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Prognosis Better for Hormone Negative

Those of us who have weathered hormone-negative breast cancer get a bit tired of “our” cancer always being called “lethal” and other especially ominous things. So we welcome good news, like this research from France: Women with hormone receptor–negative breast cancer who remain disease-free for five years are 50 percent less likely to relapse than are those with hormone receptor–positive disease, according research presented in Nice in March 2006.

Researchers studied 4404 breast cancer patients who had undergone surgery at the Centre Antoine-Lacassagne from June 1973 to December 2003.

More good news: Overall 86.8 percent of those with hormone-negative tumors were disease-free after ten years. Most recurrences with hormone negative came within the first two to three years.

This comes even with some advanced cancers. Of those with hormone-negative tumors who were disease-free after five years, 35 percent had had lymph node involvements, and 11 percent had grade 3 tumors.

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