Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NCRCC Site Covers Politics and Breast Cancer

The National Breast Cancer Coalition's Web site is worth a look because of its coverage of breast cancer issues related to the presidential campaign. The non-partisan advocacy group was formed in 1991 to lobby "at the national, state and local levels for public policies that impact breast cancer research, diagnosis and treatment. Our grassroots advocacy effort has hundreds of member organizations and tens of thousands of individual members working toward increased federal funding for breast cancer research and collaborating with the scientific community to implement new models of research, improve access to high-quality health care and breast cancer clinical trials for all women, and expand the influence of breast cancer advocates in all aspects of the breast cancer decisionmaking process."

The organization's blog has some informative posts.  One compares Obama and McCain's health care plans and is worth poking into.  Obama's plan has been criticized as being more expensive, but that's because it covers more Americans, even those with existing conditions, such as cancer. As I have noted before, McCain does not cover those with existing conditions.  The site links to an excellent  Wall Street Journal article explaining the impact of the two candidates'  plans. One difference the newspaper notes:  Obama's plan would increase regulation.  McCain's would decrease it.  Interesting.

I have placed the group's pledge on the left column of my site.   Vote to let the candidates know that quality health care is a priority.   By signing, you also pledge to take the candidates' health care positions into consideration when voting.

While the economy is getting the attention this week, as well it should, health care cannot be ignored.   The financial health of the country, yes, is of prime importance.  The physical health, however, is equally important.

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