Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Teresa Heinz Kerry Speaks Out About Her Breast Cancer

A mammogram found the cancer, says Heinz Kerry. In an essay in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, she talks about the cancer that had been diagnosed right before the proposed change in mammogram guidelines. Her prognosis, she says, "is good."

Under ordinary circumstances, the revised mammogram guidelines recommended last month by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force would have struck me as misguided. But these were not ordinary circumstances, at least not for me. Just before the guidelines were released, I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was one of those strange accidents of timing that sometimes happen in life. I know some people dismiss these instances as meaningless coincidence. But as someone who believes God has a special if mysterious purpose for each us in this world, I have always paid special attention to them. Read the entire essay here.

I do wonder about the 2004 Democratic presidential ticket, though. First Elizabeth Edwards, now Teresa Heinz Kerry.

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