Saturday, March 13, 2010

Characteristics of Turkish TNBC Patients

Research in the Annals of Oncology (2007) defines the demographics of in a small cohort of Turkish women with triple-negative breast cancer. Patients with TNBC were (in comparison to those with non-triple-negative):

• younger (44 versus 47.5 years)

• premenopausal at diagnosis (70.6% versus 43.0%,)

• more likely to use oral contraceptives (35.3% versus 12.2%)

• less likely to have lymph node metastasis (29.4% versus 61.5%)

• more likely to have high-grade (grade III) tumors (52.9% versus 28.4%)

Tumor staging, status of the distant metastases, family history of breast cancer, and hormone replacement therapy were no different in the two groups..

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