Friday, March 22, 2013

Enough About Diet

My blogs about my diet are not working as well as I had hoped.  My goal was to create a sense of community, with readers joining in on a healthy eating bandwagon.  But reader response was lackluster.  And then I had missteps in my own diet, so I felt like a bit of a fraud.   But I also thought maybe that made it more authentic. Whatever the case, the product, process, and response were all uninspiring.

So I am going to continue my diet but not the daily posts, and I may do a recap when it is over.  We'll see. (I have lost a pound, so something worked.) Anybody who wants to join me can email me and I will help encourage you.  I am all about encouraging people.

The message I want to send in all this:

• Diet is important in fighting TNBC; losing weight appears to be the essential factor.
• It's a real pain to eat healthy all the time.  Others are better at it than I am.
• Remembering how much better I feel and look when I eat well keeps me motivated.
• Remembering is difficult when I am being lured by fats and sweets.
• Success in anything comes in smalls bits and starts.   When you lose weight slowly and steadily, you are more likely to keep it off.
• Moderation in all things should be your goal.

Now off to chew on a carrot.

[Here's yesterday's diet—I already had this prepared, so figured I might as well post it.]
March 21, 2013
Green Drink: Pure Synergy: 45 calories, no fats 
•1/2 cup Cascadian Farm Organic cereal: 67 calories, no trans or saturated fats
•1/4 cup Almond Breeze almond milk:  10 calories, no trans or saturated fats 
Veggie Sandwich:
            • Sara Lee 45 calorie whole wheat bread: 90 calories, no trans or saturated fats
            • 1/3 red bell pepper:  23 calories, no trans or saturated fats
            •low fat cream cheese: 70 calories, 4 grams of saturated fat, no trans
            • 1 leaf of romaine lettuce: 1 calories, no fats
Sandwich total: 183 calories, 4 grams saturated fats
            •small apple: 116 calories, trace saturated, no trans fats
            • Organic hot chocolate with almond milk: 110 calories 
• 1 cup broccoli: 25 calories, no trans or saturated fats
• 2 tbsp. Roasted Garlic Hummus: 60 calories, no trans or saturated fats
• 16 whole almonds: 82 calories. 2 percent daily value saturated fats, no trans fats 
• 2 carrots (52 calories), 1 stalk of kale (34 calories), 1/8 red cabbage (14 calories), 1/2 apple (58 calories): 158 calories
•  Baked acorn squash with apples: 315 calories

NOTE:  I make sure to keep hydrated during the day, but don't actually measure whether I get the recommended 64 ounces or not.  I feel livelier when I am hydrated.  Often, when I start losing energy, I have a tall drink of water and I feel better. 

1172 calories
5 grams saturated fats—25 percent daily value
2+ servings of fruits, 2+ serving of vegetables, plus juice and green drink

Stats:  I've lost a pound so far.  We'll see if I keep it off, but it feels like progress.

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Holly said...

Following my recovery from tx for TNBC I committed myself to losing weight and getting helthier. In the past 3 years I've lost 50 lbs. 40 more to go to reach my goal and tohave a normal BMI. I have stalled out for the past 6 months but am NOT giving in or giving up!

I am proud of you Patricia - YOU GO GIRL!