Monday, August 25, 2014

Get A Signed Copy of Surviving Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Here’s a chance to support this blog and get a copy of my book with a personal note to you or to another recipient.   Just donate $25 to the blog and you’ll get the book free. All you have to do it hit the Donate button on the right and make your donation.  I’ll send a follow-up email from that, asking for the name and some specifics I can use in the note, plus the address to which to send it.  If you already have the book, this is a chance to get a copy for your local library or cancer center, or for a newly diagnosed friend.

There is plenty of information here for anybody facing breast cancer, and lots of tips for anybody who never wants to face it.  One entire chapter is on healthy living, including diet and exercise suggestions. 

If you want to donate to this blog without getting the book, hey I am cool with that.   

Or if you just want the book without donating, I am selling them also on eBay.

This is a short-term offer for the hardcover book, while supplies last.

The book will soon be available in paperback, so my publisher, Oxford University Press, is allowing me to sell a few hardcovers myself.

Thanks so much.  I truly cannot do this blog without you.


Unknown said...

Waiting for paperback book..... Im in México, i really want to read you book

Patricia Prijatel said...

Have you pre-ordered the paperback, Alejandra? I can check into shipping one of my copies to Mexico, if you would like.

Unknown said...

Not yet..... I would love to have you book

Patricia Prijatel said...

If you order it on eBay, they can send it to Mexico. Not sure of the cost but it usually is a lot cheaper because they have a regional center.